Friday, January 16, 2009

Judge Babu Mathew P Joseph

Judge Babu Mathew P Joseph had his moment of fame when he read out judgement on the Marad massacre.

After reading a Malayala Manorama report on the 16 January 2009 (by line Kozhikode) a friend of mine from Bolghatty / Mulavukad disagreed.
"Babu is my country cousin" he protested. Protested because, the Manorama report mentioned Babu ïs a native of Kakkanadu"

Judge Babu was born in the island of Bolghatty, Ponnarimangalam area, Mulvaukad post, Ernakulam District. After his graduation and marriage, he moved to Kakkanad, where his wife had some property.

This is usual practice.

Famous islanders very often moved out of these god damned islands, where life was tough. Water was one problem. People from Vallarpadom had to go to Mulavukad for drinking water. Canoes called "vanchi" for transportation, and clay pots called "maatum" to store water.

Water in ponds ( kulam in Malayalam) had its share of muck, surprsing nobody died of any disease like diarrhoea. Villagers very reistant to diseases one should say!

It is important to mention some famous names linked to Mulavukad island, now famously called Bolghatty.

Suresh Kumar IAS (kamikaze soldier of V S Achuthanandan
M M Lawarence (ex MP, Communist Marxist Party Leader and Labour Union Chief of CITU -Centre of Indian Trade Unions)
Gaspar De Silva (Anglo Indian representative in the Ministry of Panampilly Govinda Menon while he was "Prime Minister" of Cochin State
Vallon MLC (member of legislative council that is, need to investigate more on him, who can help?)

KK Madhavan MP

Current day Anglo Indian MLA Simon Britto's mother is from Mulavukad

Ponjikkara Rafi was born here, his wife Sabina Rafi lived here.


  1. You forgot Mrs.Dakshayani Velayudhan, member of Constituent Assembly of India.