Tuesday, February 3, 2009

John Ochanthuruthu

He is an academic doctor, professor, author and historian. Ask Bolghattians about John Ochanthuruth,and you will draw a blank.
Ask about joey, and you will find a varied expressions.

Joey used to live in the parish accommodation and used to be a handsome chap with african like curly hair. Those were the days , when every one knew everyone, because of the wait at the Bolghatty boat jetty. Students would walk 6 kms from the end of the island, and then cross the waters. Why walk all the distance? Ferry was free; carry normal school books, that is the id for you prove that you are a student and , noone will ask for a ticket!

Boats used to make a trip across to the high court jetty, every 20 minutes.
While waiting, every one chats with every one. Everyone looks at every one. Every one knew who is who, as for youngster, if they are not known by their own name, they will be linked to their parents.

Back to Joey, he lived in Bolghatty for a while, then disappeared. Years later, when Joey reappered in books and magazines, we knew, ha , his real baptised name is John, now is an professor, author and so.

Acha, bhai, you are part of the bolghattians.

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  1. i was kind of dazzled knowing it was this guy whom we children battered once...

    joey those days had lots of money to spend and had a playboy kindof image with us.

    and once at (thalekkattu maithani - it is no longer there) the south most part of bolghatty had a 'cycle yagjam' where all the villages used to gather to watch the fun circus, we saw joey tuning to one of our cousin sis's.

    he must have been the first candidate to get a taste of our rougishm!! lol:))