Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Few abbreviations and their meaning.

What is BTR ? If it is used by village offices ( land matters in India , are in village offices.)  it is basic tax register. 

I read it in one document and did not know where to ask.

What is  RO  and ROP  ?

Reverse Osmosis,  Release Order, Radio Officer 
Reverse Osmosis Plant
Rial Omani Payment
Remaining Order Plan  ( SAP )
Rate of penetration ( oil drilling)

What is  SAP  ?

It is a very famous IT product , systems applications and products ?

(H)    This meanse house.   Particlualarly in Kerala India.
In Kerala not every one has a surname, but a house name. House name is used as surname in most cases. and typical house name could like this.
Kollamparambil House
In many documents and addresses, in Kerala they would abbreviate the house part as  (H)

If you ever read  (H)  in part of any Kerala address, now you know.

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